Audience Participation Time V

Breda had a post a little while ago about someone’s shocked horror finding out that Ken Blackwell had SEVEN GUNS! Thinking about it, I figure that you need at least 5 in a basic, but well rounded collection (I need to “finish” my collection.) Shotgun, centerfire rifle and handgun, rimfire rifle and handgun. And probably a second centerfire rifle, (small caliber, .223 range, and a larger caliber) as well as full size and compact handguns.

In the comments, what is your minimum that you would consider to cover the major needs?


Audience Participation Time V — 3 Comments

  1. Pretty straight forward question. You need as many as will fit in the safe. That way, you can play armorer to the neighborhood. 😉

    For pistols, a large frame auto, a small frame auto and a revolver to match caliber with one of them is required. For rifles, a rimfire, a centerfire light caliber and a centerfire heavy caliber is required. And, for shotguns, a good goose gun, a trap gun and a home defense gun are required. I reckon that makes nine the answer.

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