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  1. Let’s see… The first rifle I ever held was my dad’s Remington-made-for-the-Tsar M1891. That one is special to me. The very first rifle I ever bought was an M44… very sentimental as well.

    Toss up… but either way its a Mosin Nagant.

  2. IMAGE

    Colt Double Action Frontier model in .45 Colt. Manufactured in 1895 and purchased by my grandfather in about 1920. Used several times in the mountains of Claiborne County TN to defend the family during the 20’s and the great depression. Passed on to my father in 1972 and then to me in 2001. Will someday belong to my son.

  3. Beware the man who owns only one rifle, for he probably knows how to use it.
    I now own more than one rifle, but the first is my favorite. I was 16 when I bought my Sako Hunter in 30/06, it was a car or a rifle, the rifle won. It has never failed me and I have made some miraculous shots with it. Perhaps one day I will pass it on to my son.

  4. My first rifle was a 110cl (lefty) I bought in 1980. I have “driven tacks” with it, killed a lot of deer, and it has never ever jammed. It was used in ’06 by my son to get his first deer. Dad was proud. Quite the emotion to see an”old friend” and my son work together.

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