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The following comment was left at Snowflakes in Hell:

“Bitter and I are in Arlington. NRA Board Meeting are going on right now. We don’t have much of an agenda, except for discussing some details of the Second Amendment Blog Bash.”

Yeah,no agenda you say? You have a chance to do something big with the Holder Debacle while you’re THERE,and show your leadership abilities.

And all you care about is the “blog Bash” later in the year.

I would never call you a coward because I don’t know you,but man,you sure do know how to disappoint..

Personally,you showed your true colors to me when you disarmed to be in the same room with McCain at the “NRA Convention.”

Be well…..

Yeah Sebastian, why didn’t you do something about the Holder debacle, and while you were at it, make sure they get right on overturning the NFA, Hughes, and all of GCA ’68. And they really aren’t doing enough to recruit new people into the shooting sports, a multi-million dollar ad campaign would do wonders for that, make sure they get that going right away.

The answer as to why he didn’t address all of these issues, and why the NRA is doing so “badly” on them, is very simple. Resources. 

Sebastian & Bitter had the resource of a certain amount of time that they had working with certain people, and a limited amount of help they could get from those people. They made a decision on how to use their resources. Was it the best use? That could be argued either way with valid points, depending on your point of view, but it was a worthy use of their resources.

Groups like the NRA have a limited amount of money, manpower, political capitol, etc. with which to work. They have used it on things like concealed carry, the Heller case, and others. They don’t have an unlimited amount of these resources, and have to prioritize. 

Why doesn’t [insert group or person here] do more about [insert pet cause here]? Because they only have so much to work with. Because someone else’s pet cause was chosen, and they don’t have the resources for yours. Because there is a lot of work to do, and not nearly enough people and money to do it with.

Instead of cutting down the people who are working on your side, expend some of your resources towards your cause. Send some money, spend some time, make some phone calls, or write some letters. And if you are doing all that already, you probably understand that there are some things that you don’t get to, because there are only so many hours in the day, and only so many dollars in the bank. Everyone is in that boat. 

And just because a person or a group is not devoting their resources to your cause doesn’t mean that they oppose you, or are sellouts, or any of that, it often means that they have a slightly different order of priorities.


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  1. Um…Any NRA member can attend the board meetings.

    Why doesn’t the unnamed commenter attend and address his agenda items rather than berating someone else for not doing what he could be doing himself.

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