Speed Strips

I got my Speed Strips, and so far they are the one big thing I hoped they would be: a speed loading device for both of my revolvers. If I was carrying, I would only have 5 cartridges in the strip(s), they can also be loaded with 6, which loads the K-frame in 3 pairs, or the J-frame in 2 pairs, and a single, leaving one cartridge in the strip. The other benefit while carrying is that they are flat in a pocket, less noticeable than a regular speedloader.

The  bad: You need to pay more attention to reloading. This might improve with practice, but I can reload with my eyes closed with speedloaders, not so easy with the strips. Also, you need a little practice, or cartridges go flying.

I need to practice with them some more, but so far they seem to fill the bill.

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