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I have been lobbying for gift cards to an outdoor retailer for Christmas and my birthday, and having collected a few, bought a new Smith & Wesson 637. I wanted a smaller handgun that could be used when we finally get CCW in Wisconsin, or if I get a non-resident permit in another state. I originally wanted to get the Heller commemorative 442, but the store I had the cards for didn’t have it, and could only get it through another dealer or something, which would have landed it well over MSRP, and probably close to $200 more that the 637. No dice. $50 more I would do, but $200 is a C&R rifle. And besides, I liked the exposed hammer and finish on the 637 better, so the 637 it was. 

After getting the gun, I wanted some Speed Strips, which I figure could be used with both of my revolvers, unlike speed loaders. And, I had heard some good things about them from people who carry revolvers. No speed strips to be found anywhere in this town. At least 3 major outdoor retailers and 5 gun stores didn’t have them, so they are on order from Amazon. I’ll pass on what I think of them once I’ve had time to try them.

The gun is a .38 spl +P J frame with a 1 7/8″ barrel and exposed hammer.

With the hammer cocked.

5 shots of .38 spl +P (Please note: Safety measures were observed taking this picture, and the the guns were unloaded in the rest of the pictures. If you try taking pictures of loaded guns and shoot yourself after seeing this, it isn’t my fault)

2 wheelguns, the 637 and a Model 66 (.357 Magnum, 4 inch barrel)

And again

I’m planning to get out and shoot it tomorrow or over the weekend, and will try to have a range report for you.


More new gun pics — 12 Comments

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  5. About those SpeedStrips…I have had the same problem. You just can’t find ’em when you want to buy ’em. Gunstores, box outdoor stores, small gunshops, police supply, no one had them. When I did find them (police supply store in Anchorage), I bought five packages.
    If they are that popular, you’d think that Bianchi would put ’em out a bit faster.

  6. Thanks for posting those great pics!

    Some of us old-timers still think there’s a place for revolvers in this semi-auto world.

    And the 4″ Model 66 S&W is the finest handgun ever designed. Pickled me tink to see it.

    When I glanced at the photo, I went “Ho-Hum–another overweight, off-balanced 686.”

    Then I saw what it really was, and lusted for it. I have two. I have owned four.

    I always said, if I could have only one handgun in the world, it would be a 4″ 66.

    Thanks for the pictures–and I didn’t see anything dangerous about showing the gun loaded–good training photo!

  7. Your Model 66 looks much nicer than my police trade in special Model 66. Or at least the grips do. And the dented site

  8. Yeah, I love the Model 66. It was used, but new in the box when I bought it. I had looked at some of the newer revolvers and thought they were OK, but not quite “it.” I saw that at the gun shop, and was like “that’s it!” Great gun.

  9. Hey guys, I live in MS and we have what is called “The Castle Doctrine” which basically says in your home or automobile (which is an extension of your home) you have no duty to retreat. In that law if you are free and 21 you can get a Conceal Carry Permit and the 637 is my Carry Weapon of choice. It is a fantastic weapon, very accurate, at 25 yards, it shoots 3″ low and right, but that is with 158 Nosler JHP in +P. I’m a big guy and have a Springfield 1911 A1, S&W M&P45, 686, 620 (new model of the 66) SW99 40S&W, FNP9 and all are fabulous guns, but that little Smith slides in a coat or pants pocket and you just don’t notice it. It’s hard to beat that little weapon, I do not think I will need follow up shot, I don’t carry extra ammo, I am that confident in that weapon and my ability to hit with it.

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