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When a customer pulled a gun on Eric Lopez Devictoria this week, the Pizza Hut deliveryman fought back with the only thing at hand. A large, steaming hot pepperoni pie.

Fearing for his life, Devictoria, 40, lobbed the pizza at the armed man who had ordered him inside a Miramar residence in the 1900 block of Acapulco Drive before 1 p.m. Wednesday, police said.

The maneuver bought Devictoria time to run to safety. As he fled, the armed man and his accomplices fired at least one shot, police said. – South Florida Sun-Sentinel

What is the lesson? Some would say that it is that the Pizza delivery man should cary a gun. While it is a more effective weapon than a pizza, that is not what this story illustrates to me.

Yesterday I qouted Breda regarding attitude, “Act like prey and that is exactly what you will become.” I said that the gun is a tool, your attitude is what counts. This story is a perfect illustration: the delivery driver chose not to be a victim. After that, he used the tools at his disposal to defend himself. He may have been better off carrying a gun, but when crunch time came, he used what he had, and made it through.

Remember: You are the weapon. The gun, knife, pepper spray, or pepperoni is only a tool.

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