More Gun Building

Over at Armed Canadian:

Inside were things to make Baby Obama cry. We had long, lethal, accuracy enhancing flash hiders (two of them!), a hip-hugger, blood rage pistol grip, those murderous high-capacity 20 round magazines that no mere mortal civilian can possibly control and worst of all, a tome of pure, undistilled, pants-wetting horror: an AGI armorer’s course for the FN FAL on DVD which includes instructions on how to build a baby-killing, puppy-maiming nigh uncontrollable, black-hearted, high-powered bullet hose from a parts kit!

One of the great things about “Assault Weapons” is how easy it ut to build and customize your own. I got a much better understanding of the working of the AR-15 from building one than I ever would have. And even though the one I am working on now is pretty standard configuration, I learned a lot about customizing one, and have plans for a few more builds, as the budget permits. And, it is just fun to build, and to say you have a gun you built yourself.

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