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I’ve always had a nagging little pain concerning the term “Fudd”. I don’t know where it came from, probably from one of those big gun boards I can’t get on because I can’t get my name approved (I haven’t tried all that hard, really). While Ride Fast says it’s used in a joking manner, I don’t see it that way. It’s a slur, like any other. Elmer Fudd is arguably the dumbest cartoon character ever conceived. Grouping a whole section of gun owners that way is stereotyping, plain and simple.

Exactly. While some claim it is a joke, or an insult aimed at a small subset of hunters, I think it is seen as a slur to all hunters. If we feel that there is a segment of the hunting population that either doesn’t understand our Second Amendment rights, or are willing to throw certain types of firearms under the bus, or whatever, calling names is not the answer. Education is a much better answer that mocking them, and driving a wedge between the hunting and non hunting gun owners.


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  2. “I think it is seen as a slur to all hunters.”

    I am a hunter. Not to many years ago, I was a “Fudd”: I saw no reason for pistols, and laughed at guys deer hunting with ARs…….

    On the one hand, calling someone like Zumbo a Fudd is violating the 11th Commandment (“Thou shalt not throw bricks at personell on our side of the barricade.”), Zumbo kind of chose which side of the brick pile he was going to be on, did he not? A couple jillion bricks upside his online head got his attention and showed him the error of his ways, did it not?

    If you don’t want to be called a Fudd, don’t be a Fudd, and folks will not call you one.

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