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  1. This is unfortunately common. I called 911 the other day from my gun shop. I had an 18 year-old Hispanic kid in there trying to buy a handgun. He was acting quite strange and would not accept the “no – you’re too young answer I gave him.” He left the store momentarily to get something from his truck, so I called the police. He entered the store again before 911 was even answered. When on the line (and with the kid right in front of me) I tried to get the dispatcher to get the hint that i wanted police immediately. He was getting a bit peeved that I would not give him exact details of why I wanted them (I did not want to cause an incident with this kid any more than was necessary). Unfortunately, the kid became suspicious and really started acting strange, so I told 911 “Get here – I’ve got him at gun point.” and hung up. True to my word, I put the kid at gun point, ordered him to assume the position and waited for the cops. 30 seconds later, they were there. They were quite understanding and assured me they would speak to the dispatcher regarding the situation. Granted, I had a very successful resolution to my problem. Imagine how bad it could have been if the kid had been armed and I would have had to fire on him!

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