Loud enough and often enough

This E-mail from AHSA was forwarded to me by Jack, one of my readers:

Yesterday, The USA Today reported that Dan Cooper, founder and owner of Cooper Firearms, lost his job.  The reason: He’s voting for Obama:

“Montana gunsmith Dan Cooper has been ousted as chief executive of the rifle company that bears his name after pressure from gun owners who are angry that he is supporting Democrat Barack Obama.”

Today, on behalf of the American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA), I condemned the actions by the NRA and its cronies forcing Dan Cooper out.


This is wrong, and rank and file gun owners who have no political ax to grind need to stand up, reject such underhanded tactics and have their voices heard. That’s why AHSA was formed, to end this partisan bullying and to restore pride to the shooting sports.   This action against Cooper reinforces my commitment to making change happen by electing Obama – and by building an organization for hunters and shooters who are tired of extremism.


Ray Schoenke

Ray, The NRA had nothing to do with this. It was a grassroots movement that started with a group of gun bloggers. The story had it right, it was pressure from gun owners, “rank and file gun owners,” not the NRA, or any Evil Gun Lobby. You seem to hope that by chanting NRA loud enough and often enough you can make it stick. No matter how many times you say NRA NRA NRA NRA, it doesn’t change the fact that there is a grassroots movement out there that does not toe the Brady/VPC/AHSA line.


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  1. I left a comment on the AHSA site but I guess I’ll have to wait for it to be approved before it is posted. They are saying Obama supports the Second Amnendant, but as a resident of the Peoples Republic of Illinois, I am well aware of his demonstrated history of underming our basic right to self-defense.

    Funny thing there are 0 comments for all of the articles.

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