An open letter to Dan Cooper

Dear Mr. Cooper:

I was disappointed to learn that, as a firearms manufacturer, you are supporting arguably the most anti-gun ticket for the U.S. presidency in history.

If you are not aware, Sen. Obama, while paying lip service to our Second Amendment rights, which protects not only our rights, but also your business, his record towards it is appalling.

He has favored banning gun shops within five miles of a park or school, effectively putting most of America, and certainly any major city, off limits for gun dealers.

He voted against the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which protects manufacturers like you from being sued for criminal misuse of your product.

He also said in a questionnaire that he favored banning the sale of handguns, and has spoken in favor of reinstating the so called assault weapons ban. You may not care about this, as you do not appear to manufacture handguns or semi-automatic firearms, but rest assured that sometime after those guns are banned or severely restricted, they will come after “high powered sniper rifles,” and your fine firearms will fit the description.

It is obviously impossible, or at least very impractical, to boycott all businesses that support candidates that a person opposes. However, due to the reckless disregard for our liberties, and the industry that supports and protects you, I will not be patronizing your business, and will encourage others to do likewise.

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An open letter to Dan Cooper — 4 Comments

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  3. Cooper Firearms is communist gun maker… and to the Gun Owners who got him fired are not Americans.. you want your rights….but only your rights… that is unamerican!!!!

  4. what an unintelligent and ill-thought out letter. no wonder you’re supporting the anti-intellectual ticket. go community college level educations! support your local rightwing nutjob: vote McCain

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