Another reason Doyle has got to go


“Most of us are in much more danger from a drunk driver than we are from a person that is going to break into our house,” he said. “I don’t think we should have a ban (on checkpoints). . . . I think it can be a useful tool, used appropriately and in a limited way.”

The Democratic governor said courts have set criteria for the constitutionality of checkpoints. Any new Wisconsin law would have to follow those guidelines, ensuring stops are not made in a discriminatory fashion, he said.

Putting the civil rights aside for one moment, HOW ABOUT SOME ACTUAL PRISON TIME FOR PEOPLE CONVICTED OF DRUNK DRIVING? That might get some results, as opposed to stopping everyone driving through the wrong place at midnight on Saturday. Especially since once the police catch them, nothing will happen.

Now then:

Having disregarded our Second Amendment rights, vetoing concealed carry that had overwhelming support, Doyle now goes after the Fourth! What’s next? Maybe a few soldiers quartered in our homes?

I don’t care how you apply this, it is a violation of our rights, and an inconvenience for people who aren’t drinking and driving. That a governor is so willing to discard them should bother anyone.

Want something even more disturbing? There is talk of a cabinet position for Doyle in an Obama administration. Maybe even AG. While that is obviously speculation, it is frightening.

Runner up for today’s quote of the day (from IM) –

Peter: there is talk of [Doyle] getting the AG position in an Obamarama administration

Greg: of course he would. obama is too busy violating the 1st and 2nd amendments to have time to mess with the 4th, so he’d need to hire someone with experience


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