For my Wisconsin readers:


CCW is still in play in Wisconsin. While Doyle will probably veto it, we have been VERY close to overrides. If we keep, or pick up, legislature seats in Wisconsin, we may be able to get it through. Get out and vote, make sure your friends do the same, and if you have the chance, get out and campaign.


For my Wisconsin readers: — 3 Comments

  1. Yes please get some sort of carry bill pased with enough suport to override your governors veto, it’s a pain in the ___ to stop at the border and unload, case, and place my firearm out of reach.

  2. it,s a never ending battle in wussconsin to get a carry conceal!the higher ups believe people in law enforcement have a better mentality to carry concealed.that people in wussconsin have no mentality to carry concealed. as doyle and friends have put it,it’s better to burie a hard working tax payer then let one of his inmates get killed!people like doyle,believe in one thing,give a crimunal a chance,and take the chances of servival away from law abiding citizens!

  3. tell you what,i’ll be fair minded.doyle cares,as long as every wussconsinite abides by his law of logic,criminals will never be harmed by the good citizens of wussconsin.history question,can you guess which states have the most crimes without a carry conceal act,hint there center and just above the states who allow there citizens to carry for protection.if you’r nopt sure,look under hitler or stallin!

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