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I made 406 calls for John McCain… — 6 Comments

  1. Obama scares the hell out of me, but my conscience won’t allow me to work for McCain he’s wrong on free speech, he’s wrong on drilling, he voted for the $800 billion bailout bill, I don’t trust him not to work with the Democrats and appoint Judges that Harry Reid would find acceptable. I’m not an absolutist I can vote for and help support a candidate that I don’t 100% agree with but it’s got to be better than 50%, and I can’t vote hopping that the VP will take over. Maybe in 4 years there will be a major party candidate I can support.

  2. I understand the feelings toward John McCain. I, too, STRONGLY dislike campaign finance reform. As to drilling, he is coming around, and is better than Obama anyways (from my POV.) The bailout, honestly, I am a little torn over, some people I greatly respect as Conservatives felt that something like it was justified, although probably not as passed.

    But after all that, I look at Obama, and my conscience won’t allow me not to do everything I can to try to keep him out of the White House. A lot of people have been calling McCain the lesser of 2 evils, but I think we have an obligation to prevent the greater of the evils from being elected. I know it is hard to get excited about a race on these terms, but we need to do what we can.

  3. I would still vote for him, possibly unless it was against a very conservative democrat, but Obama certainly provides motivation to get out and work for the McCain campaign.

  4. I had a nice conversation with my mother on the drive to my aunt’s house in NJ today. I explained to her about the differences between John McCain and Barack Obama. She’s now decided to vote for McCain. And, she’s going to talk to her fellow senior citizens at the Senior Center about that. Hopefully, she’ll be able to convince them to vote McCain too. My Aunt, a longtime resident of NJ, is a Republican. And needless to say, we had a really nice discussion about the politics.

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