For the ultimate in heavy hitting issue ads, Obama is running an ad aiming at a comment McCain made that he would “hate to live in Milwaukee.”

Personally, I like living in Milwaukee, and would hate to live in Arizona, not being a fan of heat. But for someone in Arizona, I can see why they would hate the winter. And the politics. For what it’s worth, I am also not a fan of hurricanes or earthquakes, which counts out several other very desirable locations.

So, if McCain wouldn’t want to live in Milwaukee, that is his perogative. WHO CARES?

On the other hand, the fact that Obama is running an ad like this in Milwaukee indicates that he either has a lot of extra money, or the 17 point lead a recent poll showed in WI is very inflated, and he knows it.

On that poll, I can almost guarantee that there is no way Obama is going to win by 17 points. 3 would be a blowout.

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