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  1. Nice to know your efforts are actually worth something. I live in California, and from I’ve heard, the CA GOP has pretty much given up on the state. I’m a volunteer, too, but the local headquarters is so disorganized. They still haven’t put their phone banks in and we haven’t started calling anyone.

    I can understand why they’re not putting in any resources in CA since there are swing states that really count, but I thought the state GOP would at least put up a semblance of a fight. Instead, we’re not even showing up at the match and just conceding it to the opponent. This is probably the real reason CA is so liberal.

    I’m still volunteering and manning the headquarters, but I’m starting to wonder if my time is better spent somewhere else.

  2. Not good to hear. While it my make sense on a notional level, the GOP still needs to fight in states like CA.

    As to the phone bank, if you go to johnmccain.com, they have a thing where you can call from your own phone, they give you the call list and script.

    Glad to hear you are helping!

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