More of this, please

Breda said in the comments over at No Looking Backward (Hat tip):

That McCain has been waiting for the end of the campaign – when the average person actually starts paying attention.

I hope and pray she is right.

If that is the case, it could actually work out very well for McCain. We have seen time and again the Lame Stream Media cover for Obama, bring up a story for a little while, then explain why it is no big deal, and pronounce the matter closed. Ayers, Wright, “Snuffy” Phleger, the list goes on, and brining up those issues brings a flurry of “THAT’S OLD NEWS.” By waiting until near the end, when the average American is paying attention, McCain can counter this effect, and maybe get through to some of those people. 

Another good indication was an ad I heard today calling out some of Obama’s ads as “misleading” and “wrong.” I would like him to go farther, and call it a lie, but it’s a start.

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