Phone bank

I spent several hours today at the local GOP office making calls for the McCain/Palin campaign. If you have never done it, it is a pretty painless way to get involved, the worst I had was a bunch of people hanging up on me. We were doing a short survey, asking if people were going to vote for McCain/Palin, making sure supporters would have absentee ballots if needed, and asking a few other questions. You have a script to work from, so it is pretty easy. I even got one guy who said that his main reason for voting for McCain was the Second Amendment, which of course I was pretty happy about. I am planning on spending some more time volunteering between now and election day, there is really no excuse not to get out at least for a few hours.

I also got to meet Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, who may very well be the next Governor of Wisconsin. He is a good strong Conservative, and has managed to stay in office in Milwaukee as such. I think he would have a great shot at winning the governors race, because he would be able to carry Milwaukee county, and a Democrat would have a hard time winning without Milwaukee.


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