Seven Years Later

I still remember that morning, seven years ago. I remember watching in horror as the first building burned, and a plane flew into the second one. I remember going to work, and a group of us huddling around a TV in the store watching events unfold. And I remember breaking down and crying thinking of the lives lost that September morning, of the terror the people on the airplanes must have felt. And my heart still aches for those who were lost, and those who lost loved ones.

I remember the pride in hearing about the group of passengers that overcame both their fear, and their captors, but died heros in a field in Pennsylvania. I remember the heroism of the firefighters and police at ground zero. I remember a priest administering last rights, until he too was killed. I remember how America came together. It is sad that it takes an event as tragic as 9/11 to create that sort of unity, but for weeks America was united.

We must never forget that morning. Because if we become complacent, we will be hit again. Maybe not the same way, maybe not as many people will die, or maybe more will, but the hatred that caused those 19 people to do what they did is still alive. 

Today, take a moment to remember, and vow to never forget.

And while you remember the horror and the resolve to never let it happen again, remember the unity. For a little while, even if we didn’t agree on everything, we were neighbors and friends. Since then, we have lost that, and we need to find it again.

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