Quote of the Day – Might Need To Rethink Some Things Edition

Apparently, his thinking goes, if the party of Lincoln wins with a strategy like that, it puts at risk gender norming, race-based college admissions, minority only business enterprise zones, taxing the successful to ease life for the stupid, hate crimes legislation, and sending global warming deniers to re-education camps – you know, the things that bring us all together in one big warm hopey-changey group hug. – Mike, Mike-istan

It is amazing how the Democrats have talked about how we can achieve race equality, gender equality, etc, and when the Republicans just do it, Democrats emerge from the woodwork calling people that don’t tow their line as not real women, or not black enough.


Quote of the Day – Might Need To Rethink Some Things Edition — 1 Comment

  1. When you don’t have an actual plan you go on the defence and start blaming. Wish the Dems would just get something done and move onto the next issue and get that done…at the end of the day they could list these accomplishments…instead, they blame something or someone and then get a whole lot of people riled up…keep in mind they don’t have a plan either.

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