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Trap and a new shooter — 3 Comments

  1. The club had a rental 20ga 870, which fit her reasonably. If she gets into it more, I would probably look at a Browning BPS Uplander 20ga. It is a little shorter than normal, and she is a lefty, and the bottom ejection and tang safety (if we do anything that requires a safety, I never use it for trap) would make it easier for her to use. It seems like there are youth/women’s guns, and lefty guns, not a lot that are both.

  2. Was trap that really got my wife into shooting. She shoots with a Beretta Urika 12 guage.

    12 guage gives a little more kick, but the gas-operation tames that quite a bit, also the more pellets makes for less frustration of a novice shooter.

    just my 2c

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