Trap and a new shooter

It having been raining on Thursday, I didn’t get to shoot trap, so I went today. And, I convinced my wife to come along. Now, she isn’t against my guns, (I checked before we got married) but she hasn’t been real interested in shooting. She took hunters safety a dozen or more years ago, but never really got into it, and hasn’t shot since. Yes, I’ve tried… but she wasn’t interested. Taking the advice of a friend, I offered to take her to a movie if she would come shooting (I hate going to movies, and almost never go, so it was a decent offer) and she agreed. 

She was hoping to hit 5 of the 25 targets, thinking back to some shooting at hunter’s safety, and having trouble with moving targets. Instead, she hit 16, tying me the first round (stupid headphones instead of earplugs… or wind… or something…) and then 17 the second round (I shot 20.) 

She had a good time, and said she would probably be interested in coming out more.


Trap and a new shooter — 3 Comments

  1. The club had a rental 20ga 870, which fit her reasonably. If she gets into it more, I would probably look at a Browning BPS Uplander 20ga. It is a little shorter than normal, and she is a lefty, and the bottom ejection and tang safety (if we do anything that requires a safety, I never use it for trap) would make it easier for her to use. It seems like there are youth/women’s guns, and lefty guns, not a lot that are both.

  2. Was trap that really got my wife into shooting. She shoots with a Beretta Urika 12 guage.

    12 guage gives a little more kick, but the gas-operation tames that quite a bit, also the more pellets makes for less frustration of a novice shooter.

    just my 2c

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