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Ross Seyfried in Summer 2008 issue of Double Gun and Single Shot Journal:

…The bottom line is there are about ninety million gun owners in the United States and only about four million members in the NRA. Essentially 96 percent of gun owners are riding on the coat tails of a very few. And yes, I am very aware of many of the thought processes that “justify” the position of the 96. In the case of many I believe the reason is a false sense of security. In this context it could be as simple as “we are not worried about our fine double guns. We hunt grouse and quail, shoot sporting clays and the government will never interfere with our rights. Furthermore we do not like the fact that the NRA defends ‘semiautomatic rifles'”

While books have been written on the subject, I will try to sum it up very quickly for you. First and foremost, the NRA does not simply defend “assault weapons or handguns or bolt action rifles or Purdeys or Parkers.” It defends THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! When the authors wrote the Constitution they wanted us to be armed with the best firearms available, the highest technology we could muster. That at the moment it happened to be flintlock does not alter the intent. They were not afraid of invading powers; they were afraid of our won government. The “Right To Keep and Bear Arms” did not discriminate. The stance of the NRA is therefore to defend all legal firearms’ ownership in this nation, “his AR-15, her Ladysmith, and yes ladies and gentlemen, your L.C. Smith.”

For those not familiar with the publication, DGJ is written mainly about guns that cost more than my car did new, and to an audience that may well be inclined to not think very highly of our AR-15s and AK-47s. (No, I am not trying to make a blanket statement about people that own those kinds of guns, I would love to have one.) The article underscore the fact that we all need to hang together, or hang separately. While there are people that look down on “assault weapons,” and some that hate the “fudds,” we are not going to get anywhere eating our own. We will get a lot further working together, and yes, that means calling and writing to protect hunters rights, even if you don’t hunt, and protecting EBRs and handguns, even if you would never own one.

By the way, the article was about Connecticut Shotgun’s new Wayne LaPierre Signature Edition shotgun:

Very nice, and part of the proceeds go to the NRA.

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