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AR-15 lower build — 8 Comments

  1. Very nice! Interestingly, I have the same set of gunshow punches.

    You got off lucky not marring the receiver. The punches in question work well but will bend with use. When I did my second lower, I bought a set of roll pin punches. These can be had for $15 for a pair. Expensive but they will self-center on a hollow roll pin and not distort it or shift as you hammer it home. Best $15 I spent and made the process go a lot quicker. If you plan to build more lowers, they are a worthwhile investment.

    Great work!

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  3. Yeah, I was a little worried about marring it. One of the things I did was use a larger punch than needed on the bolt catch until I got to the end, reducing the chances of bending, and making any slight slips non-catastrophic. I may have to look into the roll pin punches, as I am planning on doing more receivers.

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