Lauer and Bloomberg

Lauer started with DuraCoat, which Mayor Bloomberg decided was a risk to police, because criminals could color their guns to look like toys. This turned out to be better advertising than Lauer could hope for, and sales spiked. Bloomberg also opened the door for them, so “The Bloomberg Collection was introduced. In talking to the people there, they said that there is a direct positive effect on sales every time Bloomberg opens his mouth.

The “New York” gun has a lot of features that are not visible in the magazine shots:

Yes, that is Mayor Bloomberg’s phone number.

You can also stencil Mayor Mike’s smiling face on your Bloomberg Collection gun.

Or you could have it engraved. Note the spray can selector markings.

There are also plans for Steve & Mike bobbleheads. Steve’s daughter Amy has contacted Bloomberg’s office several times to find out what gun he should be holding, and in what color. They have yet to hear back.


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