Gas for guns program

Osceola, FL is running a “gas for guns” program. Should turn up the normal collection of broken guns. You would think that common sense would tell these people that these programs aren’t going to turn up the guns that are in the wrong hands, but we keep seeing them.

This really gets me:

 The program is paid with money seized in the Sheriff’s Office’s investigation of felony crimes, usually drug-related. Called a forfeiture fund, money seized must be invested into one-time projects that target drug-related crime prevention, 

How is wasting money on broken guns preventing drug related crime?


Gas for guns program — 1 Comment

  1. Osceola eh? That’s not too far. Maybe I should go pick up some rusty .22 revolvers from the local shops and head on up there. There’s a place down the road from me that is selling dozens of inoperable old revolvers for next-to-nothing…

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