Quote of the Day – Will to be Free Edition

If we lose the fight to keep the flame of liberty alive in the hearts of Americans (and future generations) then the 2nd Amendment and it’s purpose become a moot point. An armed revolution, even if initially successful, can never free from bondage a citizenry that has lost the will to be free. – Mike W. from Another Gun Blog

I don’t think we are at a point where most Americans have lost the will to be free in a broad sense, but too many have substituted the desire to be taken care of. This is seen not only in the welfare culture, but also those who put complete trust in the police or other government agencies to protect them. When a person has given over that role to the government, they are less free. When we have given over our retirement, in the form of Social Security, we are less free. When we expect government to step in and do anything outside of a few core functions, we are less free. And the sad part is, too many Americans have lost the will to retain that freedom.

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