Quote of the Day – Affirmative Action Edition

Once you decide that affirmative action is generally not a good idea because race preferences are generally not a good idea, no matter what the context, how do you go back to supporting ethnic preference in government contracts?  (Clarence Thomas is the uber-perfect example here; I railed at him for decrying affirmative action when the only reason he had gotten on the Supreme Court was to be The Black Justice.  It NEVER crossed my mind that perhaps he was QUALIFIED for the job.  Witness my soft bigotry.) – lookingforlissa

This is a problem I have long seen with affirmative action. By acting with race as a primary condition, you are not only being racist, you are fueling racism. Through the implication that minorities can’t make it without help, and keeping down more qualified applicants who are the wrong race, you promote racism. This does not just affect whites, other minorities end up being discriminated against, such as Asians in college applications. 

By the way, I know I am late to the party since just about everyone linked to these posts, but read the posts this came from, part 1 & part 2


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