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Squeaky on the term “Love Child:”

I realize that it’s convenient, and sounds better than “bastard” (even though that’s technically the correct term), but seriously?  “Love child”?

I could be wrong, but wouldn’t a “love child” result from, oh, LOVE? Running around on your wife isn’t love. Getting a woman pregnant when you are in no position to support her and help raise the child isn’t love. And no, just being able to send her checks at intervals because you are a rich lawyer doesn’t count as support. Love doesn’t go sneaking around hotel rooms, only to be exposed by the National Enquirer. 

If you can’t bring yourselves to use “bastard,” I would point out that “illegitimate” is also accurate. If you must come up with some euphemism, how about “lust child?” Or maybe “he said it was love child,” or “couldn’t keep it in his pants child.”


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