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 This week, Congress will consider a $50 billion economic stimulus package that will include among other things, another tax rebate for middle class voters. Also under consideration in the bill would be funding for infrastructure; increased food stamp benefits; assistance for the purchase of home heating oil for low-income households; another extension of unemployment benefits and increased aid to states for Medicaid. Tell Congress if you think more economic stimulus, especially another tax rebate, is required in today’s economy. 

ACTION POLL: Tell Congress your views on the proposed economic stimulus package and tax rebate

Unfortunately, the poll only allows “Yes, I support it” or “no, I oppose it,” so here is my economic stimulus package:

  1. Cut taxes
  2. Open ANWR for drilling
  3. Cut more taxes
  4. Less pork barrel spending
  5. Cut some more taxes
  6. Lift stupid regulations on businesses
  7. Cut even more taxes
  8. Eliminate wasteful spending
  9. You guessed it, another tax cut

by repeating this pattern (OK, #2 can only be done once, the rest should be done often,) we could stimulate a large amount of economic growth. The more you repeat it, the more economic growth we can expect. And the tax cuts should be spread across the economic spectrum, not focused on the middle class (conflict of interest notice, I belong to the middle class.) By leaving money in private hands and in the market, will stimulate growth. By cutting government pork and other wasteful spending, we will be able to cut taxes. By eliminating a lot of the red tape that businesses have to deal with, we can open up more opportunities to entrepreneurs.


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  1. There’s a problem with your plan. It’s too simple and doesn’t pander to anyone.

    I’d love to see serious low taxes, fiscal conservatives make a comeback but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

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