Lauer Custom Weaponry is selling an “I <heart> Mayor Bloomberg” button. Now, this may seem a little crazy coming from a weapons maker, but the story goes something like this:

  1. LCW develops DuraCoat, and makes it available in a wide array of colors, from camo, to parkerized looking, to electric colors.
  2. Bloomberg, being the nanny state ninny that he is, bans DuraCoat in New York City, under the guise of preventing thugs from coloring their guns to fool the police, apparently forgetting that spray paint also works if the main desire is to fool the police, not to mention spray paint being considerably cheaper and easier. 
  3. LCW rides the publicity to significantly higher sales, laughing all the way to the bank.
  4. Lauer further decides to introduce “The Bloomberg Collection” in 5 electric colors, and a “brick and mortar” kit, to mock Mayor Bloomberg.

So, Lauer has a understandable soft spot in their hearts for Mayor Bloomberg as one of the chief promoters of their flagship product. I am probably going to be in Lauer’s neck of the woods next month, I may need to pick one of the buttons up, as well as look at some of their other toys.


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