Guns and suicide

Sebastian addresses the sudden focus on suicide by the antis. I agree with him that this is probably a ploy for new supporters among people who have had loved ones commit suicide.

But now for my angle: I am not, and have not been suicidal, but like anyone, have times that I am frustrated, discouraged or whatever. I find that going and breaking clays is a good way to deal with that. We have been told that if you do not deal with small emotional problems they could get worse. Maybe even lead to you being suicidal! So by providing an outlet for stress, etc., shooting improves my well being. And, not only does lawful and safe target shooting reducing stress, shooting a 24 provides a great emotional boost! (Ok, for me anything over 20 provides that.) So, by providing a safe outlet for frustrations and improving morale, GUNS ARE PREVENTING SUICIDE!

In light of this new and totally unscientific research, the government should obviously subsidize gun purchases. If it saves just one life, won’t it all be worth it?


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