New (old) gun

I picked up my Heller celebration gun (well, really I was going to buy it anyways, but Heller was a good excuse) on Sunday, and took a few pictures today. 

Smith & Wesson 66-1, .357 Magnum with a 4 inch barrel. Bought used, but only test fired, and came with all it’s papers, tools, and the original box. 

I had been looking to pick up a revolver, and this fit the bill completely.

I didn’t get a chance to fire it yet, but should this weekend.


New (old) gun — 8 Comments

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  3. It’s a “-1”, which means it was made ’77 and ’82.
    The barrel does not appear to be pinned, which would normally indicate a “-2”, but this is probably a “transitional gun”.

    I’d say ’82, probably. It should have a serial number either on the butt or on the frame behind the crane. The number will look like either “125K1234” or “AAC1234”. Can you put up the S/N with “X” for the last two or three digits? That will let me give you the exact year of production.

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  5. Hello,
    I am in France and look for a handgun.
    I would like to buy a s&w in 2″5.
    Can you help me to find and have this kind of handgun?
    Thank you

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