From CBS 2 Chicago

“It is frightening that America loves guns,” the mayor said, “and to me, I think this decision really places those who are rich and those are in power, they’ll always feel safe. Those who do not have the power do not feel safe, and that’s what they’re saying. If you’re elected officials, you feel safe. You cannot carry a gun into a federal building. You cannot carry a gun into a federal court. So they’re setting themselves aside, and really, they’re saying to the rest of America that the answer to all the constitutional issues is that we can carry guns. And I just don’t understand how they came to this thinking.” – Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley

A little earlier in the article:

As CBS 2’s Joanie Lum reports, there has been a ban on the sale and registration of handguns has been in place since 1982. Only police officers, aldermen and a handful of others are exempt from the ban. 

So, the aldermen who “feel safe” are allowed to carry guns? Interesting…

The article is on a lawsuit filed by the Illinois State Rifle Association to overturn the city’s 32 year old ban on handguns. The suit was filed within 15 minutes of the Heller decision. Mayor Daley of course is spouting the normal “blood in the streets” tripe. Similar suits were filed by the NRA against Chicago, several suburbs, and San Francisco.

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