Quote of the Day – Somewhere Below Scum Edition

“I’m gonna rip them apart,” Fagan said of young victims during his testimony on the bill. “I’m going to make sure that the rest of their life is ruined, that when they’re 8 years old, they throw up; when they’re 12 years old, they won’t sleep; when they’re 19 years old, they’ll have nightmares and they’ll never have a relationship with anybody.” – MA Rep. James Fagan (D)

I understand that the worst among out society has the right to a good defense in court, but for a trial lawyer to threaten to further ruin the lives of victims of child sexual assault makes him about as bad as the people that originally traumatized the victims. He is not talking about trying to establish the truth here, or even trying to provide an effective defense, he is talking about threatening and bullying crime victims to suppress testimony. That is unconscionable.

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