First National Bank doesn’t want gun owners’ business

Mark Muller of Max Motors (the car dealer that was giving out gift certificates for a gun with car purchases) was on Cam & Company tonight, and said that after introducing the deal, First National Bank (who they sold loans for) contacted them, and told them that they were not interested in doing business with people who think guns are good. If this is how they feel, I will certainly honor their wishes, and not conduct any business with them.

[UPDATE] Justin Buist points out that the NRA credit cards are through First National Bank of Omaha. Also there are a couple of “First National Banks,” so we may be dealing with different “First National Banks,” or a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing, and it is a department/division head that is getting all anti-gun on us, and not the whole company. If I hear anything further, I will pass it on.

[UPDATE] Clarification here


First National Bank doesn’t want gun owners’ business — 3 Comments

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  3. I just spoke with Mark Muller, and the bank he was referring to is the 1st National Bank of Kansas, NOT Omaha. I’ll be calling 1st National Bank of Kansas on Monday to try to get their side of the story.

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