New Name, same bad idea

H.R. 6257 is a reintroduction of the so called assault weapons ban, but this time with a twist: It was introduced and co-sponsored by 4 Republicans! These losers are: Mark Steven Kirk, from the 10th district in Illinois, Michael Castle from Delaware, Mike Ferguson of New Jersey’s 7th District, and Christopher Shays from Connecticut’s 4th district. If you live in any of these districts, you can click on the names above to be brought directly to their House website, from which you can contact them. If you do not live in one of these districts, congratulations on having a representative who wasn’t dumb enough to co-sponsor this bill, but please go to and contact you representative. 

Get the name of this bill: “Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act.” Yeah, it protects the recreational use of firearms, unless you happen to want to shoot the very popular AR-15, one of the most popular target rifles, and the fastest growing segment in hunting rifles. But – but – the bill must protect public safety: banning firearms with bayonet mounts just has to reduce the shocking number of drive-by bayonettings, right?

Hopefully this will not get any traction, but let’s make very sure our representatives know how we feel. We should make it our goal that they expect a flood of communication whenever these bills are introduced. 

Hat tip Say Uncle and The Armed Canadian


New Name, same bad idea — 2 Comments

  1. By all means send something! We not only want to defeat this, we want to make them FEAR introducing this type of legislation. Even if he does not back down on this, maybe we can get the idea through to them to keep away from promoting gun control in the future.

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