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Wisconsin issues a concealed carry permit to an ex-officer — 4 Comments

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  3. My department doesn’t want retirees to CCW so they just do not issue a photo id to retirees. The simple act makes hr218 meaningless.

  4. the average joe/mrs.an unreliable factor risk in govn. doyles grand scheem of things in wussconsin!people,not all,but quite a few refuse to arm themselves in order to show the rest of the 48 states that giving up and giving into politics is better then defending ones life and families!the sad fact about these people is,they are willing to take down the lives of those who want to fight back and not become the doyle lap dogs of greater wussconsin!these pirateteers will with govn. doyles help make sure the streets in wussconsi remain bloodied with honost hard working people and not the criminals!to bad im one of those people who live in this state.if you read this and decide to move to another state,rethink befor you move to a state that puts criminals first and law abiding citizens second class!

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