When all you have is not enough

There have been a couple of stories lately dealing with robberies that ended in murder, despite the victim cooperating with the criminals. In Milwaukee, a young man was convicted of killing a Miller Brewery executive, and in Cleveland, a young Marine was killed by a thug after he handed over the money he had. His aunt told the AP: “They took it, turned his pockets inside out, took what he had and told him since he was a Marine and didn’t have any money he didn’t deserve to live. They put the gun to his neck and shot him.” 

Various people have said that we should not feel a need to defend ourselves, that no property is worth a life, we should just give the criminals what they want, and no one gets hurt. This may work in some instances, however, armed resistance is often the most certain means to ensure your safety, and the safety of your loved ones. Statistics about injury when resisting criminals are often not broken down, making it look like resistance is more dangerous than passive compliance, but for the most part, unarmed resistance is the least safe option, with compliance being somewhat safer, but resistance with a gun being the safest option.

Don’t fall for the lie that you are better off not resisting crime. You will be in the best position to survive if you are better prepared than your attacker, and that includes owning, training with, and carrying a gun.

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