An Evening with Jonah Goldberg

I just got back from a talk by Jonah Goldberg (Liberal Fascism) put on by The Club For Growth Wisconsin. I got to meet Jonah, Owen from Boots & Sabers, a few WI politicians, and some other like minded people, and of course have my copy of Liberal Fascism signed (geeky, I know).

If you have a chance, I would recommend seeing Goldberg speak, he was funny and very informative. I also got a few good Quote of the Day quotes, including things like their are “People who think if you write it in an E-mail in ALL CAPS, it must be right”

His overall view of the presidential race seems to be a slight edge for Obama winning, but that McCain has a pretty good chance. Obama is easily flustered, makes a lot of “rookie” type mistakes, is not a uniting figure as he would like to portray, but is one of the most partisan figures in Washington. Personally I think McCain has a pretty good chance, especially after the rather bloody Democrat primary.


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