Michael Bane on NFA Weapons

Michael Bane has a post on NFA weapons, and wanting to change the NFA

There’s nothing evil, wicked, mean and nasty about SBR, SBS, suppressors or the other odd things controlled by the NFS. In fact, IMHO, the 1934 Firearms Act defies even the slightest tinge of logic. It is a law spun out of whole cloth to give a job to the hordes of “revenue agents” left with nothing to do after the repeal of Prohibition.

I completely agree that suppressor, SBR/SBS, etc. regulations are nonsense. Regulating a muffler that protects people’s hearing is the opposite direction that we should be going, and an arbitrary length restriction on barrels makes about the same amount of sense. FA is a little harder argument on the “absolutely no sense” ground, but the Second Amendment protected the military arms of the day, and that should not change. I think we can get something going to change the regulations on the other weapons, then work on FA.

Hat tip Snowflakes in Hell

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