Typical Enviro-whackos

A man in Canada is getting charged with 5 crimes for defending his 13 year old son by killing a bear. This man faces up to half a million dollars in fines for protecting his son. He cooperated fully with authorities, including riding three hours back to his truck to charge his cell phone to call it in. If he was trying to poach, he must be about the dumbest criminal ever. Or, maybe he is telling the truth, and he felt that his son was in danger.

The story is typical of the Enviro-whackos that put animal ahead of human life. PETA send letters to Yasser Arafat indignant that a donkey was used by the Palestinians in a bombing, the Animal Liberation Front actually does the bombing.

Sorry, but my life and my family are more important to me than a bear. Actually, pretty much anyone’s life is more important to me than a bear.

Hat tip Snowflakes in Hell 

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