Another coyote attack

There has been another coyote attack in California. With three attacks in five days, maybe it is long past due that we recognize the threat these animals pose and start shooting them. Fortunately, none of the children that have been attacked were killed, but the next one might not be so lucky. Sorry if this sounds too blunt and “uncivilized,” but we need to make these predators fear man. I really don’t see why this is so controversial. If you are a Biblical creationist (which I am), God gave us dominion over the animals. While this does not give us a right to abuse them, removing problem animals is certainly Biblical. For instance, David killing the lion and the bear attacking his sheep. If you are a evolutionist, it is simple survival of the fittest. We make guns and traps, therefore we are more fit, and survive. I don’t see the problem here.


Nanny saves baby from coyote

another reason for CCW


Another coyote attack — 1 Comment

  1. I agree…. besides all of the coyotes are liberals anyhow. They like to prey on small children to force thier parents to convert to liberal agendas. Its time to shut them down. Give me an gun and Ill join the hunt! And screw you PETA, you and you’re coyotes can both all under the fire.

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