Cam’s Letter to Obama

Cam Edwards has an open letter to Barack Obama posted over at On Tap.

Dear Senator Obama,

I’m writing this letter because I know this has been a rough 48 hours for you. I can’t imagine the shock of finding out that your pastor for 20 years, the man who married you, who baptized your children, who brought you to Jesus… has been hoodwinking you for the past two decades.

Oh sure, you’d heard stories over the years of things he’d said, but it was all secondhand. Maybe he said something that made you squirm a little in your seat once or twice, but you never heard anything like what he said at the National Press Club! No, for that your Pastor waited until you weren’t in church, and then he’d let loose. What must it feel like to find out these things with everyone else!

Then, of course, there’s the egg on your face. For months now talk show hosts like Hannity, Hewitt, Rush (and dare I mention myself?) have been saying these comments were vile. Now you’ve seen the light, but how embarrassing must it be to know that these folks are going to crow about this on their shows? And drafting that letter of apology to them… whew, I don’t know how you’re going to do it. Just remember, you had the wool pulled over your eyes. You were bamboozled!

Read the rest over at On Tap

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