A couple of good quotes from the arguments

CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: So if you have a law that prohibits the possession of books, it’s all right if you allow the possession of newspapers? (Page 16, Line 24 – Page 2, Line 1)
JUSTICE SCALIA: You mean you can’t have any more arms than you would need to take with you to the militia? You can’t have a — you can’t have a — you know, a turkey gun and a duck gun and a 30.06 and a 270 and — you know, different — different hunting guns for different — (Page 88, Line 8 – 13)

A transcript of the arguments is available at the Supreme Court website:



A couple of good quotes from the arguments — 1 Comment

  1. i just finished liinetsng to the oral arguements podcast, and would like the pdf so i can read some of the things were unclear in audio. where is the best place to download thatthank you for all the great pod castsprestonVA

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