Wisconsin’s Katrina Law

It looks like Wisconsin’s Governor Doyle finally got one right. Yesterday he signed AB-581, the “Katrina Bill”, into law. The bill prevents anyone with emergency powers, such as in a time of natural disaster or extreme civil unrest, from confiscating or restricting legally owned firearms and ammunition. While it may be unthinkable to some, this is exactly what happened in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. In the time when people needed them the most, the police were confiscating a citizen’s best means of protection. The passage of this bill will go a long way to help prevent this from happening if such a disaster ever occurs in Wisconsin.

I suppose this means I have to call Doyle’s office and thank him for signing it… First having to call and thank Feingold signing the Amicus brief, now Doyle…

What a great problem to have.

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