That Answers That Question

I asked where Heidi Yewman went. Apparently Ms. couldn’t handle dissension, and reasoned discourse broke out. They not only shut down a lot of pro-gun commenters, they shut down the series. I get that you don’t want her home address … Continue reading

Are Strained Relations a National Security Concern?

According to Wikileak’s Kristinn Hrafnsson, “If we are talking about strained relations or embarrassment, that does not fall into national security concerns.” Let’s look at that for a few minutes. It is unlikely that any nation or group would be … Continue reading

The who’s are you?

From jsonline: Madison — State elections officials Wednesday narrowly rejected a Milwaukee Assembly candidate’s attempt to run with the slogan “NOT the ‘whiteman’s b****’ ” under her name on the ballot. Ieshuh Griffin, an independent candidate with a history of … Continue reading

One of the major problems at RNC HQ

On Christmas, I got an E-mail, the subject of which demonstrated one of the major problems with the current RNC leadership. The subject was “Holiday Greetings from the RNC.” Again, this came on Christmas. Let’s look at this: the majority … Continue reading