Where’s the Outrage?

From Breda: “Barack Obama doesn’t care about white people” She’s referring to the silence and inaction from the .fed about the ice storms in Kentucky that have killed dozens, and left hundreds of thousands without power in freezing weather. Consider this:   Katrina President Obama … Continue reading

No wonder the Democrats are for higher taxes

Only the little people pay them. A second Obama appointee has been exposed as a tax cheat, and so far lacks the integrity to step down. HHS nominee Tom Daschle is behind about $146,000 in taxes, following Tim Geithner. The Democrats apparently think it’s … Continue reading

Quote of the Day – Duty Edition

As Wyoming’s United States Senator, I take very seriously the responsibility to protect and defend our right to keep and bear arms. President Obama has every right to nominate Eric Holder to be Attorney General. I have the duty to … Continue reading