An Open Letter

An open letter to my state representatives:

Representative <My State Representative> and Senator <My State Senator>,

I am going through the process to become a foster parent, and was disturbed to find out that the licensing agency ([redacted]) that I am working with requires foster parents to sign a form agreeing to not carry while foster children are present.
As a strong believer that concealed carry increases the safety of the person carrying, as well as those with them, I believe this is not in the best interest of either the foster children or the foster parents.
Therefore, I respectfully request that you would consider authoring a bill that would protect the rights of foster parents to defend themselves, as well as ensure they have the most effective means available to protect the children in their care from certain types of crime. Such a bill should also amend the state’s foster code to permit a loaded weapon in a foster home, at least while it is in the direct control of a concealed carry permit holder.
Thank you for your attention in this matter,
I’ll post any updates, including replies.


An Open Letter — 3 Comments

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  2. “P.S.: Can you name me another right mentioned in the Constitution that it is acceptable to infringe in the name of adoption?”

  3. Actually, you come pretty close to giving up the right against unreasonable search while you have foster kids, and privacy regulations curb your free speech.

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