What is with the “funny name?”

In Michelle Obama’s speech, she referred to meeting a guy with a “funny name.” Barack [redacted] Obama has mentioned his “funny name” in the past. What is with that? Who cares if his name is funny? Is “Barack” really any funnier than, say, “Millard” or “Woodrow?”

I think that the whole “funny name” thing is really a subtle playing of the race card. The game seems to be an attempt to guilt the public into voting for Obama, implying racism if you don’t. I have no problem voting for a person if they are black, white, asian, hispanic, or whatever. I do have a problem voting for a gun grabbing socialist, no matter what their race, religion, or gender.


What is with the “funny name?” — 4 Comments

  1. Good observation. I think he just has some leftover childhood issues. Kids always make fun of each other, or at least, make some rude comments. Unfortunately, as adults, some of us never get over the childish kidding.

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