The first rule when you are in a hole

Is stop digging! However, as Rachel Lucas reports, nobody ever told Barack Obama

“I didn’t say it was well as I could have,” Obama confessed today during a town hall in Muncie, Ind., in response to the controversy he described as a “political flare-up because I said something that everyone knows is true.”

He then launched into a broad explanation of what he was trying to express: “There are a whole bunch of folks in small towns in Pennsylvania, in towns right here in Indiana, in my home town in Illinois, who are bitter. They are angry… So I said, well ya know, when you’re bitter, you turn to what you can count on. So people, ya know they vote about guns or they take comfort from their faith, and their family, and their community, and they get mad about illegal immigrants who are coming over to this country, or they get frustrated about how things are changing. That’s a natural response.”

So, not only is he saying, “I was right, but people don’t like it, so I’m sorry I phrased it wrong,” he’s expanded the people and activities he is insulting. He is saying that people “take comfort from their faith, and their family, and their community” because the government hasn’t bailed them out! I don’t know about all of you, but I take comfort from my faith, family, and community, not because I am bitter at the government, but because it is natural to take comfort with those you love, and in faith. I vote about guns, not because I am in despair that BHO hasn’t instituted some bail out, but because I care about my freedoms, I take my responsibility to protect my family seriously, and enjoy various shooting sports. I get mad about illegal immigration, not because of my economic situation, but BECAUSE THEY BROKE THE LAW! Mr Obama’s statements belittle the people that value these things, and the American people deserve better. 

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